Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rotovirus (June 2011)

Jackson and Lyndsey and some others from the party are very sick.  We think it is Rotovirus, which Jackson is not vaccinated for.  Ray is sick as well.  This week has been amazingly difficult.  He is finally on the up and up.  It started Monday after the party.  Jackson threw up all over his bed, then again after his bath.  Amy, our babysitter was great.  She stayed here even though she could have caught it.  As the day went on, he began to vomit more and more, become lethargic and stop eating and drinking.  We took him to the doctor that night where she was able to get him to take a Popsicle. 

The next day he was still the same so we took him to the ER.  He was given Zofran and he was like a new kid!  Amazing!  He started drinking Ginger Ale and we went home.  The next day, repeat of the previous days.  We went back to the ER and he had to have an IV.  He was doing better, drinking juice, but he pulled the IV out around midnight and hasn't had anything to eat or drink since.   The next morning we were discharged, even though he hasn't drank and hasn't peed in over 24 hours.  Our pediatrician is not happy!

The last day was so bad.  We didn't want to go back to the hospital, but he was not getting better.  He started vomiting again so the ER called in some Zofran for us.  I had to run to the 24 hour pharmacy which thankfully has the generic in stock.  This is so awful! 

Jackson started feeling better after about 5 days.  Ray as well.  Andrea and I thankfully never got it.  Had I contracted it though, I would have been on serious medication as I am barely 3 weeks out from surgery.  This amount of vomiting could damage my healing insides.  I am just so thankful everyone got through it and I didn't get it. 

Kudos again to Amy!  Its amazing to have great people working for you and helping you.  Thank you!

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