Monday, January 30, 2012

July 19-22nd

July 19th: Breast Surgeon- Great!  Best quote; "They look like breasts...and feel like breast!"

July 21st: Oncologist- I saw everyone in the office.  I usually do whenever I go.   They all worked with my mom and that's where I was planned my wedding and was pregnant with both kids.  We spent a LOT of time in that office.  They got to part of some very significant events in our family so they truly are like family.  They all loved the results and gave me a great report.

July 22nd: Gynecologist- All clear!  I need to get on hormones.  There has been some controversy over hormones and whether I should take them.  See, breast cancer is linked to higher levels of estrogen.  Thus I was at higher risk when pregnant.  So the question is, should I take synthetic hormones since I am in menopause to replace what is lost by having my ovaries removed.  It does increase my risk of cancer, but menopause increases my risk of osteoporosis and heart health.  So, we are doing a lot of talking and a lot of research.  At this point, we are going to try hormones.  The risk of not taking hormones is more than my risk of cancer at this point since I made the decision to remove my breasts.  Had I not, it would not be advised that i take hormones because the breast tissue would still be there for the cancer to develop in.  I am going to try the nuva-ring which is typical birth control as it offers both hormones and it is easy because I don't have to remove it for sex and I only have to change it every three weeks.  I don't have to allow myself a period, but I can if I choose to (who would do that?).

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