Monday, January 30, 2012

August 2011

I haven't posted (written) in a while.  I am still feeling great!  I really have healed very well and very quickly.  I am completely taking care of the kids this month, all by myself. 

Jessica and I are going to a concert the end of this month in PA.  Jason Aldeen is HOT!  I also am going with my dad to my cousin's wedding in Chicago.  I am very excited for that.  I am more excited that I have lost a lot of weight since the surgery and can now fit into dresses I wore in college!  Woohoo!  Size 8!  I am feeling so great about myself. I am still not working out too hard.  Mostly just walking.  No weights yet.  But I plan to join the workout club at my school and do their boot camp workouts twice a week.  Work starts the 22nd.. :-(

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