Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jackson's Party! (June 18 2011)

Today was Jackson and Lyndsey's birthday party.  Dora/Diego theme was so cute!  We have tons of food.  I mean TONS!  We had a pinata and the best part, a slip n slide with baby soap.  Everyone had a blast.  A HUGE thanks to Jessica for doing most of the cooking, all the decorating and just being awesome!

I am exhausted.  I really over did it setting up.  But I will rest tonight.  I am finally eating.  Slowly but surely.  It was everything I could do today to not devour the five layer dip....I had to take it slow.  But I still had quite a bit.  I am down 10 lbs from pre-surgery.  Which puts me at my weight when I got pregnant with Andrea and between Andrea and Jackson. Woot!

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