Thursday, September 26, 2013

P.INK Day 2013

I have amazing news that both elates me and humbles me.  I haven't written in far too long.  I even had thoughts, once, about not writing again.  Life is chaotic at this point and I often find myself feeling like I am drowning in "stuff".  My hormones were off for quite awhile due to a pharmacy mix-up and I have been struggling heavily with insomnia.  The hormones are finally leveling out and I am starting to feel better and sleep better.  But after today and the connect I made because of this blog, and the opportunity I have, I am humbled that I was about to give up.  Thank you "J" for that renewed sense of needing to do something.

An organization called Personal Ink, P.INK, contacted me to an effort to find 10 women with mastectomy scars to participate in their P.INK Day 2013.  I am thrilled to be part of this campaign as I can't even express with words the discomfort of looking different.  This campaign is giving 10 women the chance to have their scars turned into art, their experience turned into beauty and their stories turned into tales of strength, survival and courage.

Here is more about the P.INK campaign, and Molly, the woman that started it all.  Support P.INK, Molly and me, as well as 9 other women, in this amazing event.  Give a woman a lifetime of confidence.