My Family

Ray- I could never ask for a more supportive husband.  Ray has been in our family since my mother's initial diagnosis, he held her hand the day she died and sat in the hospital for hours through my prophylactic surgery only to wait on me hand and foot for weeks afterwards.  He never uttered a complaint or negative word.  He supported me in my state or lunacy as we tried to find hormones that worked.  He has involuntarily taken on the ultimate role of caregiver; one that will never end, one that I am eternally grateful that he has the motivation and strength to fulfill.


Andrea- Andrea is my spirited, sassy, insanely smart sassy pants!  She can put a smile or a scowl on your face at her whim.  She is so much like her mother that I couldn’t love her anymore.  She is in 1st grade and loves school.

Jackson- Jackson is the kindest soul anyone can meet.  He is gentle and sensitive while being tough and boyish.  Jackson loves animals, trucks, trains, horses and cowboys!  He is thriving in Pre-K and started soccer this year.

* We have thought long and hard about testing our two children for BRCA. We believe in the right to choose in all aspects of one's life including the choice to proactively determine cancer risks.  Therefore we have decided not to test our children, rather we intend to give them the necessary information and support their choice at the right time in their lives.