Tuesday, May 6, 2014

P.INK Day 2014 Will be in MD!!!

I have been DYING to post this information, but I needed more things confirmed before I posted it.  P.INK has allowed each participant the option to host a P.INK Day in their location for 2014.  We will all host on 10.10.14. 

The MD/DC P.INK Day 2014 will be hosted at American Tattoo in Knoxville MD!  Shop owner Tiffiny Kaetzel is one of our artists for the day.  We are seeking at least 5 more artists who are willing to donate 1-6 hours of time on 10.10.14 for this campaign.  If you are an EXPERIENCED artist in mastectomy tattooing and interested, please send your name and how we can contact you to Tiffiny.

In addition we need at least 5 more survivors who are interested in a mastectomy tattoo.  You will need medical clearance to participate.  You can have anything tattoo'd; nipples, flowers, birds, lace, whatever suites your fancy.  If you are interested, please use the contact me box on this page to shoot me your name and how I can contact you.

I can't say enough amazing sentiments about P.INK and how it is changing lives.  So, I'll let the magic makers tell their own story.  If you haven't seen this video short yet, please check it out, learn more, donate or participate. 

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