Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CPS-3 Champions!

The American Cancer Society is working on one of it's biggest research projects ever- A ground breaking study that will have an enormous impact on our ability to prevent cancer and create more birthdays!

Tell people about it!

What is CPS-3?
The American Cancer Society will be enrolling participants in CPS-3, their newest research study.  CPS-3 (Cancer Prevention Study-3) is a landmark research study that offers those who have NEVER been diagnosed with cancer, the unprecedented opportunity to advance cancer research by participating first-hand in a cancer research study.  The study will help researchers to understand the lifestyle, environmental & genetic factors that may cause or prevent cancer.

What is a CPS-3 Community Champion?
CPS-3 Community Champions educate their friends, family and community about CPS-3 and help to promote and drive community enrollment and participation in this lifesaving study.

Who can be a CPS-3 Community Champion?
EVERYONE! can be a Champion and help get the word out.  Whether you are cancer free, a caregiver, a cancer survivor, an avid fundraiser for a cure, or interested in honoring friends or loved ones, you can be a champion.  No fundraising is involved.

General Responsibilities:
  • Work with local staff to promote CPS-3 enrollment to your personal and professional network
  • Engage a minimum of 25 qualified individuals in the study
  • Participate in the CPS-3 conference calls weekly
  • Communicate progress regularly to designated lead
  • Understand the long term commitment participants are making to the study
  • Follow the research protocol for the study as laid out by ACS

Time Commitment:
2 month time frame, 1-2 hours per week

If interested, in being a Champion, please contact Laurie Frey at or by calling 301-514-2783

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Normal!

I know, that's funny, right?  My DEXA scan was normal and it doesn't appear that I have any signs of osteoporosis!  Now if only my legs would heal.....

I got back to the Orthopedist Dec. 17th for a follow-up/plan of action.  I have been in the walking boot for 4 weeks and I still can't walk much without it before the pain set in.  Sometimes its my ankle, sometimes its  my shin, sometimes it outside of my knee.  All probably from the high and low fractures.

At this point, I hope I can run the Race for the Cure in May!  LOL.  Swimming and biking until then and trying to love it.