Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Days After (June 2011)

I successfully made it out of bed.  I sat in a chair for hours yesterday.  I am getting up to use the restroom and get ice all by myself now.  I have to say that, for all the fear I felt, it was much easier this time around than after my cesarean.  Actually, outside of that first night, this entire surgery and first few days of recovery are easier. 

I have much more range of motion than anticipated.  My drains are doing well.  I am certainly draining, but they are not super full and that means I should get them out in a week.  I have four.  One in each breast and one on each hip.  I also have a pain pump inserted into each hip with an automatic lidocaine ball.  It washes the abdomen periodically with pain meds.  Up top, I have pain meds in my IV as well as an anti nausea and Tylenol for my fever.  I am feeling good, although as expected, I am not hungry at all.  I am having a hard time focusing and staying awake due to the meds.  Trying to post on Facebook and play Words is nearly impossible.  I don't have the brain power at the moment.  TV is definitely the extent of my abilities at this point. 

I go home today, Sunday June 5th.  This is also Jackson's birthday.  He can't come see me in the hospital, although he and Andrea are in Baltimore today with Jessica and Daniel and their children.  As a thank you to Daniel and Jessica for watching the kids this weekend, we arranged a day at the Children's Museum just down the street from us.  Since they can't stop by the hospital, they are going to stop by afterward the museum at our house and have some cake and drop the kids off.  We are so grateful to them and all they are doing for us.  I miss my boy, that's for sure.  Happy Birthday Jackson!

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