Monday, January 30, 2012

Independence Day (July 4th 2011)

We are hanging out with Daniel, Jessica, the kids, my dad and my uncle from Germany for the fourth as well as Jessica's family.  We have a ton of food planned.  I am feeling great!  I have even started watching the kids for a few hours in the mornings until Amy arrives.  I can't pick them up yet, well, I shouldn't pick them up yet.  They both are great and understand that mommy has boo boos.  They ask to see them occasionally and they are very sweet about it. 

This month is full of follow ups.  I see the plastic surgeon on the 7th, the breast doctor on the 19th and the gynecologist on the 22nd.  I also see my oncologist the 21st.  The last week of this month Ray is taking the kids to the lake with his family.  I am not going.  I plan to rest and get somethings done around the house.  I can't get in the water and I can't really do the kids so I am staying back.

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