Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait (May 2011)

We are all set to go for the surgery.  Aunt Jessica has graciously offered to watch the kids 2-3 days a week for free.  Sometimes she will come here and other times we will get dropped off there in the mornings.  I won't be able to drive most of the summer.  The other days a week we arranged for Amy, our regular babysitter, to come over and either take the kids or stay here with them.  We are so relieved to have this sorted out.

We are just waiting now.  I told work that I was taking leave.  I told them in an e-mail.  I found a sub willing to take on my classes (no small feat, I have 5 special ed classes) for the last two weeks of school.  Basically it is just exams.  But still that a lot of grading and responsibility.

My dad and Ray have taken off work to be with me the day of the surgery.  We also arranged to stay in a hotel the night before so we didn't have to fight rush hour traffic or risk being late.  Ray has off for 2 weeks after the surgery because I won't be able to shower, I will have drains and I want him and no one else to help me with some things until I recover enough to do them on my own.  Particularly showering.  It's times like this that I truly miss my mother.  She is the only one I would allow to help me, as an adult, shower.   I miss her so much!

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