Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthdays, Thankgiving and Great Wolf Lodge..Again. (November 2011)

As I do less and less with my recovery, I have less and less to write about.  But we are also quite busy this time of year.  Andrea had a birthday early in November.  She had a bounce house party with her friends, then we had the family to our house to celebrate in a monster themed bash.  She is so excited to be four!  We are so proud of how far she has come.  She loves school and learning and is just soaking it all in.  We love seeing all the new skills she picks up on and shares with us.

This year, we had Thanksgiving with Ray's family.  Afterwards Jessica and I did some black Friday magic at Toys R Us.  It was AWESOME!  Afterwards I came home to catch a few hours of rest before returning to Great Wolf Lodge with Ray, the kids and my dad.  Andrea and Jackson wanted Grandad to come and he was so happy to play with them. 

Here are some pics: Wearing a bathing suit was somewhat difficult.  My breast were misshaped, so I needed a shaping bra and I was constantly readjusting.  I chose to wait on my second phase to miss less work, but in reality, there is a reason they want to do the revisions ASAP.  It is frustrating to have funky shaped breast for clothing and bathing suits.

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