Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Jackson!

Jackson has never slept well, since birth. He never slept through the night and rarely does now. We always though it was because of his weight issues and milk issues in later infancy. We wouldn't deny him a bottle at night because he needed to gain weight. We thought that we set him up with bad habits, what choice did we have?

However, at his 2 year checkup, Jackson's doctor noticed that his tonsils were very large. They call this "kissing tonsils". The doctor asked me if he snored and I didn't know. At the time Jackson never slept with us and we didn't use a baby monitor. As he got older and we started paying attention, we realized the he does snore. A LOT! I told the doctor this at his next visit to which the doctor asked me to take some video of Jackson sleeping for him to analyze. I did that and e-mailed it to him last week.

He got back to me yesterday that it seems, from the video, that he feels Jackson has significant sleep apnea. This is not too serious, but we need to treat it because it can impact his rest, behavior and if he were to have surgery, anesthesia is more difficult and dangerous on people with sleep apnea. We are going to see an ENT specialist as soon as possible. The pediatrician is recommending removal of his tonsils and adenoids. I am hoping for something less invasive.

Anyway, we have been dealing with this for the last few days between taping, emailing and calling for appointments. Thus, I haven't posted. I still need to call Mercy and start my laser hair removal. I am SO excited for that. I go back to the breast surgeon Feb. 20th. I will be at Mercy all day that day! Joy. Look for updates between now and then and of course afterwards.

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