Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello Rock, Meet Hard Place

Susan G. Komen Foundation has Announced an End to Planned Parenthood Fundraising

In my experience walking in the 3 Day Walk for three consecutive years and fundraising over $10,000 for Komen, I personally met people that were unwilling to give to the 3 Day because Susan G. Komen granted money to Planned Parenthood.  People have various beliefs about Planned Parenthood, specifically around the issue of abortion.  These particular people felt that they were not willing to donate money that could then be granted to Planned Parenthood which could then be used to fund an abortion which in turn compromised their morals and/or religion. 

The issue of greater good, or what we history teachers call "common good" comes into play here.  Was Susan G. Komen losing fundraising dollars to the extent that dropping Planned Parenthood benefits their income thus research and awareness?  I don't know the answer to this question, I am merely posting a perspective.  Is the greater good worth the sacrifice of women and men that use Planned Parenthood?  Its not nice to exclude anyone, but in reality, this may be a necessity to continue for the majority. 

While I am VERY pro-choice, and I don't like the loaded words in the first part of this quote (found in the above linked article), I do see the last part as relevant to the discussion:

Bradley Mattes, executive director of the Life Issues Institute wrote: "The continued, collective efforts of the pro-life movement have paid off. Our work to educate Komen donors to the reality that the organization has financially supported the nation's largest chain of abortion mills has caused Komen to halt the financial hemorrhaging. Evidently, Komen had to choose between political ideology and financial viability. They made a good choice."

I don't like it.  But I can't say at this point that I don't support their decision.  What are your thoughts?

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