Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Think I Have to Go There- Abortion

I think a lot of thoughts that factor into my positions on a lot of issues.  For example, I think a person's political and personal belief can be different.  I think words have power and can mislead or misconstrue more easily that people give credit.  I also believe that regardless of your political affiliation, this country will not continue to thrive if we can't see the trees through the forest so to speak.  You must be able to see right from wrong even if it disappoints you that "wrong" might be coming from your "side". 

I am conflicted over this Susan G. Komen (SGK) controversy.  I know what I have experienced and I feel that people attacking SGK is rather ironic.  If they are succumbing to political pressure as everyone is shouting, then why not attack the pressure?  Because you expect that behavior from conservative pro life groups?  So do you then ignore the bully and blame the victim because you expect such behavior from the bully?  Seems pretty silly when you put it in another context.

Further, it makes sense, like it or not, that organizations not grant funds to other organizations under FEDERAL investigation.  I do however feel SGK was correct in re-evaluating their stance and specifying that they will only disqualify those who are convicted of CRIMINAL investigations.  I was proud that they had the gull and ethics to see they were being unfair and fix the issue. 

In talking with people about this issue, I have had more than one person mention that abortion increases a women's risk of breast cancer later in life and thus it seems counter productive for SGK to fund Planned Parenthood (PP) to begin with since  PP performs abortions in some clinics.  Well, let's set the record straight.  Abortion does NOT increase a woman's risk of breast cancer.  Period. (source)

The only way this could even remotely be construed is by saying that if you abort a fetus, child, tissue, whatever you deem it to be, then you obviously aren't breastfeeding it.  Breastfeeding decreases a woman's risk of breast cancer later in life.  BUT, this is a huge but, NOT breastfeeding doesn't increase a woman's risk.  It doesn't work that way.  Something decreasing a risk doesn't mean that if you don't do that you will have a higher risk than you would otherwise.  The word increase indicates that you have raised your probability beyond a baseline.  Whereas decrease means you have lowered your probability below your baseline.  They are not mutually exclusive.  So while having an abortion takes away a woman's ability to decrease her risk of breast cancer by breastfeeding, in no way does it increase her risk.  Further, it is incredibly insensitive to allude that woman who suffer miscarriage or still birth are in anyway more at risk.  In fact, they are not. 

Women are women's worst enemies; as history has repeatedly proven true.  Sad, truly.

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