Friday, February 24, 2012

Hormones are Changed!

I picked up my new hormones last night!  It must be fate.  They were called in Tuesday by my midwife and she said the pharmacy would probably need to order them and it would take a few days.  I called yesterday to make sure the pharmacy received the order and when the hormones would be in.  I figured I'd have to go a few days without, since I was on my last patch, and risk impending consequences from hormone dips.  But when I called they said they received the perscription just as their order went out so they had received the hormones and filled the script.  It was ready for pick up.  Woot!  No missed days!

I started them this morning.  About 20 minutes after popping the pill I was over to toilet vomiting.  So, not a great start, but I am still optimistic. 

On side notes: Jackson saw the ENT specialist and we have scheduled his tonsillectomy and adenoid removal for March 29th.  Andrea is going to be moved to the pre-K class for a week on a trial basis and pending a good outcome she will stay there and be recommended for kindergarten in the fall despite being only four.  We are just hoping for the best outcome for her.

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  1. Wow, that is not a good start to your new hormones but I hope it quickly improves!!