Monday, February 20, 2012

6 Month Follow-Ups

So, they are almost 2 months late, but who is counting! My breast surgeon is booking into March currently....of 2013!

Anyway, everything is perfect physically. My breasts are perfect, look and feel good. However, the doctors all agreed that the hormones are not working. I got a prescription for a new pill called PremPro. I will have to take it daily, but I am hoping to couple it with a vitamin and take them each morning as part of my routine. I NEED to make the taking of the pill work. He said that there aren't many options for convenience and that I need to prioritize personality and my health before convenience. I don't like it, but he is absolutely right.

He said it is completely normal to try various kinds of hormones and levels to find the right fit. No two patients are alike. He did say however that if this doesn't work, being my 4th try; he would recommend someone that specializes in hormones to follow up with. He is concerned that at my age there are a lot of factors to consider and my age might very well be playing a part in why this has been so challenging.

The doctor also commented that Ray must be really frustrated with me and my mood swings and in ability most of the time to be intimate. I almost without thinking said, "He's fine." But once I gave it some thought, I realize that I haven't considered his feelings much and I need to. It’s important that this doesn't rule my life. I am still a wife and mother FIRST. Then I am a patient. I can't forget that and I need to make sure that with all things considered, I am putting my marriage and my parenting first. I am so lucky to have an amazing support network here at home. I know Ray will probably never read this, but for all of you that do, he is an amazing man. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. He truly is a partner in the various aspects of our lives and I need to recognize that he has suffered also in this journey.  Just because he is so great day to day doesn't mean he is okay.  I think the doctor is right.  Ray probably is very frustrated.  Reagrdless, I know that he will always stand beside me. I am so secure in his love that I never question his willingness to be in this with me through the ups and downs.  And I so truly appreciate and thank God for him daily.

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