Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Plague

It all started last week with Andrea.  She woke up with a high fever but no other symptoms.  After a week out of school we were optimistic that this "virus" hadn't spread.  Friday night, I came down with a fever and head/chest cold symptoms.  Needless to say, we have all been sick in one way or another for over a week now. 

Jackson is in underwear today!  It was like putting a cat in a bathtub, but I remain hopeful that we can convince him that potty training is a good thing.

I had to cancel my hair removal session since I still haven't heard back from the insurance company about my coverages.  So much for "pre" approval!  Next Tuesday is my touch up for my hips.  Good bye Dog Ears!  I'll try to post pics as I wish I had taken more along this journey for followers to see.  Have a great and healthy week friends! 

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  1. We were all sick last week too, fevers and such. SO not fun. Hope you all feel better