Friday, May 25, 2012

Moments Missed

I have a section at the bottom of the "My Hero" page where I am tracking big moments that my mom is not here to be part of.  I know she is watching and it tugs at her heart, like mine, that she can't be with us.  In case it gets overlooked, I wanted to post the list here.  There are countless moments where I think "Mom would love to be here."  No list in the world could hold all those moments.  But here are a few... 

Moments Missed:
  1. May 27, 2009- Birth of grandson via natural childbirth
  2. June 5, 2009- Birth of grandson via VBAC
  3. October 2009- Daughter spoke at Komen 3 Day Walk to 3,000 walkers and thousand more crew
  4. December 2010- Son graduates with double Engineering degrees
  5. May 2011- Daughter graduates with a Masters of Education
  6. May 2012- Daughter chairs the Relay for Life and raises over $60,000 for the American Cancer Society
  7. June 2012- Granddaughter graduates from pre-school

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