Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five Things I Won't Apologize for...Either; Plus Some

In the June issue of Self Magazine, Miranda Lambert talks about the 15 things she will never apologize for.  I loved this self portrait of who she is and what she believes.  Here are 5 of her items that I won't apologize for either:

  1. I say what I think (and I say it to your face)-  I might be harsh, but you will always know where you stand with me. 
  2. I always scarf down food- In high school I could take a Big Mac in less than a minute.  No talking, meal time is for eating.
  3. I won't give up what I enjoy- I see no point in being masochist.  I do however believe in moderation for all things.
  4. I absolutely hate to exercises- Not sure where God went wrong, but I don't feel better afterwards, I don't find peace or "my time", actually I just really don't enjoy it.  However I love the benefits.
  5. I don't mind having a big butt- I'm Greek and I'm proud!

Here are a few to add to the list:

  1. I am a strong woman- I love a man, but I don't need a man (and my man loves this quality).  The best gift I can give my daughter is the gift of independence and ability to stand on her own two feet.
  2. My family comes first- It may cost my job or my friends, but my family comes first. 
  3. I am a picky eater- I love food, good food and it's about quality. 
  4. I am opinionated- I have an opinion about everything.  I may not say it, but if you ask, be prepared.
  5. I am afraid of the dark and bugs- I won't get over it, and I don't care if you laugh. 

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