Friday, March 30, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: New Breast Cancer Mutation Discovered!

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"Currently, people with a history of breast cancer in their family can only be screened for two of the disease's known genetic mutations, Prof Southey said.  The two genes account for about 20 percent of breast cancer cases, she said, with the remaining 80 per cent not linked to any known mutations, she said.

"At the moment, if a woman with a strong family history of breast cancer goes to clinical genetic services and undergoes testing for the genes that we know today, the most likely outcome is that she will not be found to have a mutation in any of those genes," Prof Southey said.

Prof Southey said the study, published today in the American Journal of Human Genetics, was continuing, with much more data to analyze.

"We really are very optimistic that we will find additional genes like this.""

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