Friday, March 23, 2012

Still Here

I haven't written in a week partly due to a massive schedule and partly because there just isn't much to say.  I do have some celebrations to mention though:

1. I ran 4 miles at a 10:20 mile pace yesterday afternoon!  (This is my second time going 4 miles, but this time was MUCH faster).  I'm on my way!  Don't forget that Race for the Cure 5K in June, I am fundraising!

2. I was accepted into a PhD program at Liberty University for Instructional Leadership.  If I decide to matriculate, I will start this summer with what they term "intensives".  These are week long full day courses taken on campus.  I would have to live in VA for those weeks.  I am not set on taking this degree on, but its up for consideration.

I am sad that these are the accomplishments my mom would have loved to hear about.  I know if she was still here, the PhD program would be a definite, not just a consideration.  She would be tickled!She would be proud of me and I miss being able to share what I am doing with her, share my decisions and my struggles.  I miss my best friend.   

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