Friday, March 30, 2012

My Little Smarty Pants

It all started in November at Andrea's parent/teacher conference.....
Andrea's teachers commented that Andrea was doing so well, catching on so fast and they really felt she was advanced.  Fast forward to 2012, we find out that Andrea misses the deadline to be considered for early kindergarten entrance by 3 weeks!  So we start looking at the private school route.  Low and behold, most traditional schools have a cut off too!  So we start looking at Montessori schools.  While these are great schools, there are so few and the ones that are free and public are lottery admission.  Andrea and Jackson were not chosen.  So we went to the one private school today that would consider Andrea despite her birthday.  She did GREAT!  The kindergarten teacher said she couldn't see Andrea doing pre-K again, she was completely ready and they wanted her!  The hours will work if I can get 1st period off, but the tuition is INSANE.  So we are just so hoping our application for financial aid is accepted.  We want this so badly for Andrea and Jackson.  Although we love the place they are at now, Andrea just needs more. 

Funny story: I told Andrea we were going to look at a new school and if she liked it she might go there in the fall.  She said great!  BUT, she would have to "check out the playground" before making any decisions.  LOL!  She is just amazing!  We are just tickled and so proud of her!

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