Friday, March 16, 2012

Hair Removal Session 1

I went after work yesterday for my first hair removal session.  I was SO nervous.  I heard that laser hair removal was painful.  Despite not having feeling in the area I was treating, I was still scared. 

I got to the spa and had to go through a plethora of paperwork and lecture.  I was told that it feels like a rubber band snapping you and it was expected that it would take 15-20 minutes per session.  Great!  I get to feel bee stings and pinches for 15-20 minutes.  In addition, the laser can cause burning and blistering to the treated area.  Why do people choose this again?  Oh, and it could take 8-12 sessions.  I only have 5 covered at $100/session.  the 7th is free.  So let's hope I only need 8!

Thankfully, I didn't feel a thing.  Apparently they put extremely cold cream on you then laser.  I didn't feel cream, rubber band snaps and I don't feel the burn.  I feel nothing.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time waiting for her to get to a spot I might mysteriously have feeling.  But it never happened.  Awesome!  I can handle this!

Other than that, life is good.  Hormones are good.  Someone even told me that I look so much better and my attitude is much more positive.  I am glad I think I finally found something that will work for me long term.

New obsession: Food purity (this is a whole other blog....)

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