Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break!

I am off this whole week for Spring Break!  I am so thankful!  Although, I swear full time mommy, maid, chef and chauffeur is just as difficult.  Anyway, we have some very fun things planned this week. We made muffins and dyed Easter Eggs today after toddler time at the gym.  Tomorrow we are going to plan our veggie seeds and Easter Flowers (Impatients and Pansies) after we get back from a play date with Aunt Jessica and the cousins.  Thursday we have toddler time again and probably some park time.  Friday we are headed to the Catoctin Zoo for the day with Aunt Jessica and Cousins again (We love that we get to spend time with them this week).  Saturday Grandad is coming over for lunch and Lyndsey and Andrea start Cheernastics in the morning.  We are all eating a feast lunch here, then heading back to the gym for an Easter Egg hunt.  Not sure about Sunday.  Monday is our last day off before we head back to school and work. 

I think I sold my motorcycle today.  It's bittersweet in that I didn't even have a chance to ride it.  But I am just more and more anxious about it and I am so scared I am going to get hurt.  We also need a fence in the worst way and $3000 doesn't grow on trees, but the bike is worth just about that much.... We are also selling our old big screen TV.  Hopefully that will pay for the title taxes I had to pay on the bike just to sell it and add to the summer savings account. 

Things coming up: Ray's birthday April 23rd (34!) Another hair removal treatment the first week in May.  Another small procedure to fix my hips May 8th.  Jackson is doing fantastic!  Thank you for all the concern and well wishes.  He loves all the attention.

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  1. WOW! You do have a busy spring break planned! I am one day away from my spring break. Starts on Friday--yay! Enjoy your family time!!