Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rough Couple Days

Ever since my surgery, last June, I have had amazingly bad temporary stomach pains.  They feel like menstrual cramps in terms of the locations and timing, but are much sharper.  I usually end up ill after a few days.  Anyway, I have been having these pains the last few days.  I just seem to get upset stomachs at the drop of a hat now.  I feel like I am constantly saying, "My stomach is really hurting right now."  and I mean it. 

Days like today make me feel depressed in some ways.  I start to evaluate and try to determine how I got to this point.  I know it is a phase!  But, nonetheless, there are times in this journey when we will all feel less strong, less together, and less positive.  Today and the last few are those days for me.

On a side note, I am keeping my aunt, uncle and cousins in constant thoughts and prayers today.  I hope that cancer eludes you, but know that there are oodles of people anxiously waiting to support you if the best case scenario doesn't end up being reality.  HUGS! 

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  1. Keeping your family in my prayers! And you too with those stomach pains...((Hugs))) to you too!