Monday, April 9, 2012


Dang!  My first laser removal treatment was DENIED!  I have the paperwork in hand that says it was pre-approved!  So, after speaking with the insurance company today, I am faxing in all the paperwork I have in hopes that they honor their commitment.  I don't want to go for another treatment if its not covered.  I can't afford to cover this at $100/session.

I am getting more hot flashes lately and night sweats.  I am scared to ask about upping the dose of hormones because I am scared the increase will mess with my mood.  I am ready feel some days that I am more touchy than I should be.  At the moment I am blaming that on giving up soda and most carbs.  In reality though, I know that I may never be or feel like I did prior to this journey.  I may never be the same.  Its hard to consciously give up a person involuntarily.  I need to work on and focus on moving forward though.   I need to accept and own that I am different now mostly in positive ways, but in some negative ways as well.

Enough about that.  I am looking forward to my procedure in May.  I am looking forward to my front muffin tops disappearing!  I mean even pants that are falling off look too tight in the hips from the scaring.  So I am happy to finally, hopefully, smooth out the scars.

My nails are still peeling and flaking despite constant nail polish and acrylic gel.  Another change from the hormones.  My hair, thankfully, is not falling out!  That would just be too much for any one person to handle.

This has been a great week off.  I am seeing an orthopedic Thursday for my ankles.  I am just falling apart.  I think I strained every tendon in both my ankles running in gravel last week.  I can't get them to heal.  I need to talk to an ortho anyway about my feet and shins and shoes and this whole running thing.  So it should be good.  I am excited about it.  Jackson has a follow up Wednesday which we anticipate being perfect! 

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  1. I can see how giving up soda and carbs could mess with you! That is hard work! Good for you. I wish I could do the same but I am positive that since this process started we are eating 100% more healthy and I am ok with that for now. I hope you have a better week. I am sorry to hear that it isn't off to a great start! Going back to work/school can do that to ya! Is it summer yet?!?!?