Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I decided that I needed to add strength back into my routine this past weekend.  I got my game face on and tried doing some real, full range sit ups.  Whoa!

I guess those muscles that were sliced side to side and sewn back together from the belly button down are not really ready for my new resolution to be stronger.  I gawked at trying to do 30 sit up in a minute.  I was humbled quickly.

I guess a year later there are still things I am discovering about my new body.  Like flat but weak abs.  I have always loved ab workouts and thrived at them.  At one point I could crunch more than I could bench press.  I guess now, I have to build back up to doing minimal abdominal exercise.  Any tips?

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  1. I am not sure about where you workout but at my gym we have a Les Mills class called CXWorx and it is a core workout (30 mins). It isn't sit ups the whole time (which seemed daunting to me post-baby) it is a lot of different types of core stuff. It has helped me a lot and I can see improvement in my strength as I can do exercises that I couldn't do a couple of months ago in class. Not sure if that helps but perhaps sometime of core class would be helpful :o) I am trying to build up as much strength as I can before my surgery in Nov. I hope it helps!