Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Longer Running for my Life

I was dreading this day for a while now.  I have been unable to effectively stop the pain in my legs after running.  I have been seeing an orthopedist who treated me for tendinitis, shin splints and finally ordered an MRI to get a full picture of what was happening.  I have multiple fractures and pre-fractures in both shins.  I cannot run for at least two weeks while the fractures start to heal.  I have to go 14 consecutive days without pain over a 3/10.  Should I have pain, I have to start over the two week period.  Today doesn't count since I am in pain.  I have a walking boot on my left leg.  Funny enough, you can't wear two boots, so despite having fractures in both legs, I have the boot on the one that hurts right now since I had to pick just one.  Just call me Captain Lieutenant Dan!

While I can't run for my life, I will bike and swim for my life.  I MUST keep my weight under control as with menopause I am at increase risk for heart disease.  Further, this could all be related to my menopause.  The doctor is seeing signs of osteoporosis.  He said he just doesn't see this extent of injury in women my age with my stature.  I am going to be regimen in my hormone and vitamin therapy daily.  I am also going to look into calcium pills, and Boniva (think Sally Field commercials).  When I go back to the gynecologist, I am going to ask about tweaking my hormones again. (I called today and they are probably going to order a bone density scan to rule out or confirm osteoporosis) 

I have having a hard day emotionally.  I feel like, while I am glad I made the decision to have an oopherectomy, and I do feel it saved my life, I am frustrated with the after effects.  I am frustrated with not being able to do the activities I want to do. 

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  1. Aww man that really stinks!! I know it must be so hard to be injured right now since your running was going so well. Hope you heal up fast so you can get back out there!!! Sending good vibes your way!