Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mastectomy Tattoo

It has been too long since I wrote.  I am happy to report that there is absolutely nothing to report.  I think about this blog often, but I just don't have any new information I am burning to get out there.

Recently, I have been thinking about my tattooing and my options.  I could go with nipples.  I could get flowers.  I could leave my albino breast alone.  Ray really doesn't care one way of the other.  I personally don't either....right now.  But I have been looking more and more into mastectomy tattoos. 

I think I like the idea of having a nipple on one side and a special meaningful tattoo on the other.  I could post pictures of examples, but then I would have to change this to an "adult only" blog.  So instead, I am going to urge you to look up on google, or Pinterest or wherever; mastectomy tattoos.

Ray is talking with an artist we have used before.  I want the right artist for me and someone that understand the significance of this piece and also understands my story.  I need someone that is comfortable working on a breast and can work around an implant. 

My idea is a vine with flowers representing each day the children were born, my mother's birthday and Ray's.  These are the people I started this journey for.  The vine would be vertical along my side with an angel representing my mother at the top near my neck and the word courage just below the crease under my breast.  All of this would be intertwined to create one piece.  I am very excited about it.  Although I have NO idea when it will get done.  We don't typically have tattoo money laying around.

The nipple on the other side is free through insurance and I have to schedule that with the licensed nipple tattooer at my surgeon's office.  What have my other previving friends done? 


  1. I love that idea, it sounds beautiful. Personally, I've decided to have something cheerful tattoo'd in place of my nipples. I never really cared for nipples anyway so I won't miss them, and I like the idea of seeing something cheerful every time
    I take off my shirt lol :)

  2. I just recently decided to try for a nipple sparing PBM. I changed my mind due to the way my scars are already placed from my reduction and it makes the most sense to keep them and not add more scars to my chest. I love your ideas! Good luck deciding!

  3. Erin Rettig, my surgeon would not spare nipples as there are cells through the nipple that can develop cancer. He said that it was all or nothing. Just some food for thought. I would hate for you to go through the surgery and develop cancer later.