Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Money Talks; Cancer Research Suffers

Susan G. Komen announced today that they are cutting the 3-Day Walk event in seven cities!  7 Cities!  That's nearly a million dollars worth of money to cancer research and countless amounts of awareness lost.

This article relates the decline in participation and lack of fundraising potentially to the controversy last year with SGK and Planned Parenthood: Komen breast cancer charity cancels walks in seven U.S. cities

I urge anyone reading this blog, or others, to put aside political opinions, religious "laws" and personal reactions to SGK and Planned Parenthood to see the "real" loser in this battle.  The real loser is cancer patients and survivors.  People are reluctant to donate to SGK and SGK events because SGK supports Planned Parenthood and on the other side are reluctant to support SGK because they broke partnership with Planned Parenthood.  It's a lose lose for SGK.  But again, who is the real loser?  All the women that SGK supports and touches with their power, reach and funding. 

As a former 3-Day walk participant, 3 times over, and raising nearly $10,000 single handedly, I can say that I have done my research.  SGK gives around 80% of funds raised to research and advocacy.  80%!  They aren't paying secretaries, or breaking even on event costs.  They are putting money where it needs to be. 

I urge you to find other ways to express your political/religious opinions that doesn't include punishing cancer patients and women.  I know that is a lot to ask.  I hate to say it, but not funding programs from SGK because of Planned Parenthood (whether for or against) is misguided.  It's not having the intended impact desired, and instead is harming women across the country and the world.  Think about it.  Cancer doesn't discriminate.  It strikes all races, religions, political party members and genders alike.  Fighting cancer with politics and religion is ineffective.  Cancer, I assure you, doesn't care. 

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