Friday, March 15, 2013

Local Inspiration

It made my morning to hear about a local man walking in his late wife's honor to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer.  He has walked miles with thousands more miles to go.  I wish I could join him on his crusade as it is my own.

You can read all about this amazing man here:
Man Walks to Raise Cancer Awareness

My challenge to all of my faithful readers and passer-byers: Do something this month to raise awareness.  Paint your nails teal, dye your hair, post  and share "silent symptoms" on FaceBook, join a race/walk, or donate to a charity the works for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. 

On March 1st  2009 my mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer.  I too want to honor her, her fight, and her impact on myself and this world.  Do something NOW.

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