Sunday, August 19, 2012


This has been an exceptionally hard week for the Hartman family.  We had two family members waiting on news of potential cancer.  The waiting is always the hardest part.  I am extremely happy to say that as of right now, neither case resulted in a cancer diagnosis.  As happy as I am about the outcomes, I am humbled by the experience.  Cancer is everywhere and can come about when you least expect it.  I can't forget that despite lowering my risk of breast and ovarian cancer, there are other cancers I am still as susceptible as anyone else to developing.  And, worse, those around me, those I love the most, are also at risk just like anyone else.  There is no immunity in this fight.  I am thanking whatever higher power there is for such great news for my family.  But I am also remembering that these victories don't end the larger war.